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Our research on fundamental limits and analytical study of issues pertain to integrated circuits and sensors. We continue to be interested in a deep understanding the underlying fundamental limitation to the performance of integrated circuits, which has enabled us to come up with non-trivial disruptive solutions, topologies and architectures.


Power generation at high frequencies is an interesting challenge for silicon-based integrated circuits. In this research thrust we focus on innovative solutions for this problem, based on distributed circuits and deep understanding of the fundamental trade-offs in this area of research.


Our research on biosensing and therapeutics spans a large range of topics. We explore the broad range of applications of electrical and electronic systems in medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and imaging. We have developed low-cost handheld magnetic spectroscopic platforms for highly multiplexed medical diagnostics and demonstrated magnetics bioassays for both proteomics and nucleic acid detection. We have also demonstrated the usage of the magnetic detection platforms in a cell-based rapid highly parallel drug-screening platform. This has led to a magnetic spectroscopic handheld system capable of doing magnetic multiplexing akin to the optical fluorescent tagging with multiple colors. Additionally, we are actively involved in a dynamic magnetic manipulation platform that generates a dynamically programmable magnetic field using a sophisticated magnetic field generation system we have developed to route and direct microglia (MG) and macrophages (MP), carrying magnetic nano-particles to the tumor site. We have extensive experience with electronic instrumentation and sensing system and have several project based on various magnetic sensing and actuation modalities for various biological applications. We have also used silicon integrated circuit technology to develop a low-cost handheld terahertz imager system to investigate the response of various kinds of normal and abnormal epithelial cells with a long-term target of applying this as an early detection and screening device. The non-ionizing nature of the terahertz radiations is an additional attraction to this imaging modality.


Oscillators are one of the key blocks in many electronic and optical system. Our research on oscillators focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of oscillators. Our group has made significant contributions to analysis and design of highly-stable oscillators for various applications.


Our research interest areas in silicon photonics that offers complementary advantages to silicon electronics. Together they produce significantly superior systems. We have an active program in this research area with focus on both analog and digital silicon nano-photonics and electronics co-integration. Some of the imposed limits by electronic process technologies (such as silicon-based technologies) in RF, mm-wave, and sub-mm-wave designs can be overcome using photonic devices and techniques. For instance, low loss optical delays and high quality factor resonators available in the photonic integrated circuits can be used to perform optically assisted electrical signal processing. Also, the availability of large band-width around the high carrier frequency of optical fields enables the use of optical mediums as high data-rate chip-to-chip or board-to-board interconnects. Examples of optically assisted electronics are integrated low phase noise opto-electronic oscillators and optically driven mm-wave radiators. Moreover, utilizing the advanced electronic circuit and system techniques together with near zero cost of integrated transistors in high node technologies can significantly improve the performance of photonic systems. Examples are RF assisted phase noise reduction of semiconductor lasers and electronically controlled optical phased arrays.


We have an active program in pushing the performance limits of traditional silicon integrated circuits beyond the classical levels. Many of our research activities in this area has led to record setting performances using innovative solutions.


We have an active research program in wireless power transfer for both terrestrial and space-base power sources. The ability to transfer energy efficiently and dynamically will change the nature of power storage and distribution globally.


Analysis and design of high speed electronic and photonics wireline communications systems.