A 24GHz CMOS Front-end

X. Guan and A. Hajimiri

This paper reports the first 24GHz 0.18-¹m CMOS front-end. It down-converts an RF input at 24GHz range to an IF of 5GHz range with a power gain of 27.5dB and an overall noise figure of 7.7dB. It achieves an input return loss, S11 of -21dB drawing 43mA from a 1.5V supply. The LNA achieves a voltage gain of 22dB and a noise figure of 6dB consuming 16mA of dc current. This performance is achieved through an analysis of the LNA showing that the NF and gain of the common-gate stage scale more gracefully with frequency and hence it is the topology of choice for very high frequency front-ends.