A Silicon Photonics Computational Lensless Active-Flat-Optics Imaging System

A. White, P. Khial, F. Salehi, B. Hassibi, A. Hajimiri

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The need for lightweight, miniature imaging systems is becoming increasingly prevalent in light of the development of wearable electronics, iot devices, and drones. computational imaging enables new types of imaging systems that replace standard optical components like lenses with cleverly designed computational processes. traditionally, many of these types of systems use conventional complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cMoS) or charge coupled device (ccD) sensors for data collection. While this allows for rapid development of large-scale systems, the lack of system-sensor co- design limits the compactness and performance. Here we propose integrated photonics as a candidate platform for the implementation of such co-integrated systems. Using grating couplers and co-designed computational processing in lieu of a lens, we demonstrate the use of silicon photonics as a viable platform for computational imaging with a prototype lensless imaging device. the proof-of-concept device has 20 sensors and a 45-degree field of view, and its optics and sensors are contained within a 2,000 μm × 200 μm × 20 μm volume.