Sub-THz Beam-forming using Near-field Coupling of Distributed Active Radiator Arrays

K. Sengupta and A.Hajimiri

The paper demonstrates Distributed Active Radiator (DAR) arrays as a novel way of beam-forming at sub-THz frequencies in CMOS. Near-field coupling is shown to be a scalable method for mutually locking multiple DARs to beam-form and generate high EIRP. As proofs of concept, 2×1 and 2×2 arrays of DARs, mutually synchronized through near-field coupling, are implemented in 65nm bulk CMOS. The paper also shows beam-forming near 200GHz for the 2×2 array with broadside EIRP of -1.9 dBm, total radiated power of 54 μW and beam-scanning range for approximately ± 30° in each of the two orthogonal directions in 2D space.