Ultrafast Analog Fourier Transform Using 2-D LC Lattice

E. Afshari, H.S. Bhat, and A. Hajimiri

We describe how a 2-D rectangular lattice of inductors and capacitors can serve as an analog Fourier transform de- vice, generating an approximate discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of an arbitrary input vector of fixed length. The lattice displays diffractive and refractive effects and mimics the combined optical effects of a thin-slit aperture and lens. Diffraction theories in optics are usually derived for 3-D media, whereas our derivations proceed in 2-D. Analytical and numerical results show agreement between lattice output and the true DFT. Potentially, this lattice can be used for an extremely low latency and high throughput analog signal processing device. The lattice can be fabricated on-chip with frequency of operation of more than 10 GHz.