Hajimiri Delivers Caltech Watson Lecture on Holistic Circuits

Title: 1+1=3 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Holistic Circuits.

(Jan. 29, 2014)

Watch the full lecture HERE.

Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series

Abstract: Most of the modern day’s technological marvels have come from putting apparently unrelated things together and creating something more than the sum of the parts. Silicon chips have come a long way from the days of first transistors. Today we can place billions of transistors operating at extremely high frequencies on a single chip. This has created a plethora of new opportunities in many areas that silicon chips could not address. In this talk, we will discuss a holistic approach to integrated circuits leading to yet further proliferation of such technologies into our daily lives. We will show you some of its exciting results, ranging from self-healing circuits that repair themselves, to low-cost tera-hertz imagers that can give your cell-phone X-ray (or T-ray) vision. We will also talk about additional applications for low-cost diagnostic devices that fit in your pocket and offer early detection of various medical conditions, such as cancer, wherever you are.