OFC 2014: Optically Driven mm-Wave Radiator

CHIC group to present the first optically-driven multiple-port driven (MPD) mm-wave radiator in OFC 2014. The paper is authored by post-doctoral fellow, Steven Bowers, graduate student Behrooz Abiri,  former CHIC post-doc, Firooz Aflatouni, who recently joined the faculty of University of Pennsylvania as an assistant professor, together with Prof. Ali Hajimiri.

The paper describes a compact silicon-photonics optically driven mm-wave radiator that uses a multi-port driven travelling-wave antenna driven by 8 silicon-germanium photodiodes with -3dB bandwidth of 25GHz to produce -9.7dBm EIRP at 180GHz. This work is a great example of how combination of silicon electronics and photonics produces more than some its parts.

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