A 5.2-to-13GHz class-AB CMOS power amplifier with a 25.2dBm peak output power at 21.6% PAE

H. Wang, C. Sideris, and A. Hajimiri

A push-pull Class-AB CMOS PA is implemented using a broadband load-pull matching technique. The amplifier achieves a -3 dB bandwidth of 5.2 to 13 GHz with +25.2 dBm peak PsatĀ and 21.6% peak PAE. The EVM for QPSK (4.5 MS/S) and 16 QAM (5 MS/s) are below 2.9% and 6.8% at 1 dB compression point. The measured BER for a wideband BPSK signal up to 7.5 Gb/s is less than 1e-13