Computational aberration correction of VIS-NIR multispectral imaging microscopy based on Fourier ptychography

C. Shen, A.C.S. Chan, J. Chung, D.E. Williams, A. Hajimiri, and C. Yang

Due to the chromatic dispersion properties inherent in all optical materials, even the best-designed multispectral objective will exhibit residual chromatic aberration. Here, we demonstrate a multispectral microscope with a computational scheme based on the Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) to correct these effects in order to render undistorted, in-focus images. The microscope consists of 4 spectral channels ranging from 405 nm to 1552 nm. After the computational aberration correction, it can achieve isotropic resolution enhancement as verified with the Siemens star sample. We image a flip-chip to show the promise of our system to conduct fault detection on silicon chips. This computational approach provides a cost-efficient strategy for high quality multispectral imaging over a broad spectral range.