Concurrent Dual-Band CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers and Receiver Architectures

H. Hashemi and A. Hajimiri

A new concurrent dual-band receiver architecture is introduced that is capable of simultaneous operation at two different frequency bands. The concurrent operation results in higher bandwidth, lower total power dissipation and less sensitivity to channel variations. The architecture uses a novel concurrent dual-band low noise amplifier (LNA), combined with an elaborate frequency conversion scheme to reject the image bands. A general methodology for the design of concurrent LNAs is provided that makes it possible to achieve simultaneous narrow band gain and matching at multiple frequencies. The methodology is demonstrated by implementing an integrated dual-band concurrent LNA using 0.35μm CMOS transistors. The LNA provides narrow-band gain and matching at 2.45GHz and 5.25GHz bands, simultaneously. It drains 4mA of current and achieves voltage gains of 14dB and 15.5dB, input return losses of 25dB and 15dB, and noise figures of 2.3dB and 4.5dB at these two bands, respectively.