Design and Optimization of a Low Noise 2.4GHz CMOS VCO with Integrated LC Tank and MOSCAP Tuning

D. Ham and A Hajimiri

A 4 2.4GHz LC voltage controlled oscillator is designed and optimized via linear programming and implemented in a 0 . 3 5 ~ ~ 1 RF BiCh4OS process technology. Our design methodology provides an insight to choosing design variables given with several constraints such as voltage swing, tuning range, and start-up condition. The on-chip spiral inductors used are modeled and optimized by a 30 inductor simulator. The inversion mode h4OSCAP tuning is used to achieve 26% of tuning range. The measured phase noise is -12ldBc/Hz, – ll7dBc/Hz and -1l5dBc/Hz at 6OOkHz offset from 1.91GHz, 2.03GHz and 2.60GHz carriers, respectively. The VCO dissipates only 4mA from a 2.5V supply voltage.