Fully Integrated Frequency and Phase Generation for a 6-18GHz Tunable Multi-Band Phased-Array Receiver in CMOS

F. Bohn, H. Wang, A. S. Natarajan, S. Jeon, and A. Hajimiri

Fully integrated frequency-phase generators for a 6-18GHz wide-band phased-array receiver element are presented that generate 5-7GHz and 9-12GHz first LO signals with less than -95dBc/Hz phase noise at 100kHz offset. Second LO signals with digitally controllable four quadrant phase- and amplitude spread with better than 3o resolution are generated and allow removal of systematic reference clock skew as well as accurate selection of the received signal phase. This frequency- and phase generation scheme was successfully demonstrated in a 6-18GHz receiver

system configured as an electrical 4-element array.